I am Alan Monasch, a singer/songwriter and general music worker. I play keyboard, guitar bass and drums, among other instruments, at least well enough to know some of the technicalities of playing them. I am analytical by nature, and I love passionately what I love passionately and will attempt here to tell you why, sometimes in technical terms and sometimes in the language of the heart.

I am a proud member of the music community in Marin, in California and in the rest of the Greater Bay Area as well, but I have musical connections in various places in the country including Brooklyn and the rest of New York, where I grew up, to the extent I’ve grown up.

LIfe has sent me so many extraordinary musicians to listen to and to befriend and get to know. I’m sometimes overwhelmed by the support I get from the wonderful people I’ve come to know.

And now I’m going to be writing to you about them. My objective is to discuss and review the music of musicians who have touched me, both figuratively and by handshake and/or hug, people whom I  have met. I am glad to have you along on that journey.


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